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From Hatred to Zionism: The Story of Hussein Aboubakr

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Learn from an insider how Israel and Jews are viewed by Arab countries. Hear a personal story of Hussein Aboubakr and ask lots of questions

Learn from an insider how Israel is viewed by Arab countries. Hear a personal story of Hussein Aboubakr growing up in Egypt and discovering lies he was taught about Jews and Israel. This is a story of transformation from Hatred to Zionist where you get to ask questions that you never asked before.

Hussein Aboubakr Mansour was born in 1989 in Cairo, Egypt. He was a self-described reclusive Internet nerd, obsessed with comic books and the like. The ultimate villains in the local lore he was steeped in during his youth were the “bloodthirsty Zionists”, so Hussein began to study the supposed enemies of his people.Hussein studied Hebrew at Cairo University, but did not adapt to the curriculum which was the official anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric of the regime. Hussein was persecuted by the Egyptian State Police for being the first visitor to check out books and watching films at the Israeli Academic Center of Cairo. In 2010 he was surveillance, harassed, and jailed for his studies of Israel. Later the same year, he was suspected of being a "Zionist agent" and was held a military detention facility where he was tortured. When the Egyptian Revolution swept in 2011, Hussein became an organizer in Tahrir Square. By 2012 the secret police of the Muslim Brotherhood regime again began harassing and persecuting Hussein for his contacts with Israelis and writings expressing hopes for coexistence and peace between the two peoples. He received asylum in the United States in 2014 and worked as an Assistant Professor of Hebrew Studies in the Defense Language Institute. He joined StandWithUs in 2019 as an Educator.

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