Born in 1989, I was raised in a traditional Arab Muslim family. At the age of eleven I started to become very religious and wanted to become a jihadist. Due to my intense hatred for Jews and Christians, I decided to learn everything I could about them in order to help in their destruction. After learning about Jewish culture and the world, my views changed drastically in a way which wasn’t welcomed by my family nor by the government. After being imprisoned by the Egyptian military for my writings and activities to combat antisemitism, I participated in the Egyptian revolution until my departure from the country in 2012. I left Egypt to become a political asylum seeker in the US. For five years, I served as an Assistant Professor for Hebrew Language at the US government Defense Language Institute.

I’m now a full time educator and speaker for StandWithUs. I’m also a writer focusing on antisemitism, Islamism, and Israel education.

In my blog I will share my thoughts, opinions, and ideas about the Middle East, Egypt, Israel, the world of Islam, Terrorism, Spirituality, and anything else I want to write about. Please feel free to contact me whether you have a question, a speaking engagement request, or just a general comment.